Daily Wellness Habits For A Happy Life

For the past year or so, I've been writing more and more about health & wellness. It's a topic that I've realized I am very passionate about, specifically when it comes to mental health and self love. Life can get tough, and I think it's extremely important to take care of ourselves in order to maintain a general sense of wellbeing and happiness. Despite what some may think, looking after ourselves doesn't have to be a big production. Simply doing just a few little things each day can ensure an increase in positivity and personal happiness.

How To Get Summer-Ready Hair At Home

Yesterday we talked about how to keep your hair healthy for the season, and today I'm back with some fun ways to get summer-ready hair at home! There are so many fun things you can do to spruce up your current 'do or to change it completely. Whether you don't like to spend too much time on your hair or love giving it all your attention, here are some ways to get a summer-inspired hairdo without needing to go to a salon.

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer

Summertime means long days swimming in the pool, laying out on the beach, and spending days in the sun - all extremely fun for you, but not necessarily for your hair. Harsh summer conditions can actually wreck havoc on our tresses, causing major damage like breakage, dryness, and split ends. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help protect your hair and ensure it stays healthy this season.

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A Summer Reading List

If you're new to my blog, hi. I'm Mandy, and I'm a bookworm. While most people love to celebrate summer by going on exotic trips or partying it up on the beach, I'd much rather curl up in the shade with a good book and some iced tea. With the season officially in full swing, it's time for me to share my yearly summer reading list! I love putting these lists together each year, and this year's is no exception.

Mid-Year Beauty Favorites

It dawned on me a few days ago that we're already halfway through 2017 (what?!). With only a couple weeks left in July, I thought it would be a good idea to share a little roundup of my favorite beauty products that I've discovered so far this year. Even though I've been much stricter with my spending this year, I've still been able to find some new products that have really wowed, in both the skincare and makeup categories.

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Makeup For Brown Eyes

I feel like when most makeup brands and bloggers consider the topic of makeup for a certain eye color, brown eyes tend to get left out a lot. I always see products to enhance blue, green, or hazel eyes - but what about all of us brown-eyed girls? So, today I decided to put together a little roundup of makeup that goes beautifully with dark eyes.

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Fun Things To Do This Summer

Summertime is my favorite part of the year (closely followed by autumn, of course). I suffer from a lot of seasonal depression in the winter months, so when summer rolls around it feels like my soul gets a burst of happiness and creativity. Even though it can get super hot, I still like to get out and do some fun summer activities to celebrate the season. There's just something about these long, warm days that makes me want to get out and do stuff like crazy. If you're trying to come up with ideas for your summer bucket list, here are some of my favorite seasonal activities.

Healthy Daily Habits For Stronger Hair & Better Skin

I've always been a big believer in nurturing our natural beauty. We live in a day and age where we're constantly told to cover up imperfections and layer on the products. Instead, I much prefer working from the inside out and taking care of my natural features, like my skin and hair, so I don't have to try to change/improve those things later. I've found that it's actually a lot easier to nourish our natural beauty instead of trying to cover up and change how we look, and there are some healthy habits we can practice daily to promote healthier, more radiant selves.

3 Things That Every Flat Lay Needs

Over the years, I've tried a bunch of different things when it comes to blog photography. While I've loved experimenting with different equipment and styles, my favorite by far has definitely been flat lays. When I finally discovered what this type of photo style was called (after seeing it on a few of my favorite blogs), I instantly became obsessed. There's just something about flat lays that are so satisfying to look at, especially for blogging and building a brand. It can take a little bit of practice to get the perfect flat lay though, so I thought I'd share a few things that I think are crucial for every setup.

20 Quotes To Brighten Even The Darkest Days

Some days, life can just get really tough. We never plan for a bad day, but that doesn't stop them from showing up every now and then. I try my best to stay positive no matter what life throws my way. That definitely doesn't mean everything is sunshine and rainbows all the time though. When things go wrong and I'm stuck in the midst of a horrible day (or week), I find it to be extremely helpful to take a step back from everything, slow down, and reflect over some quotes that I've found to be life-changing and full of wisdom.

5 Ways You're Standing In Your Own Way

Ever since becoming a full-time blogger, I've realized a few things about what it takes to work for yourself (like how your work is never really done and switching off is a thing of the past - even in my sleep, I'm dreaming about ways to improve my SEO). This has been a really interesting experience, and I've definitely learned more about myself and my work process. One thing I've noticed is that I have a tendency to get in my own way sometimes and halt progress, and I thought I would share a bit more about this so you can avoid falling into the same trap.

How To Be A Generally Happy Person

I think we can all agree that happiness means different things to different people, and is a rather elusive concept. That doesn't stop us from chasing it, hoping to finally achieve complete happiness one day. While I don't think there is a way to make every single moment of our lives all sunshine and rainbows, there are definitely things you can do to become a happier person and live a more positive life.