5 Beauty Products That Let Me Down

While it can be incredibly easy for me to write about the products I love, I'd really like to create more of a balance here on AGO by sharing some of the items that just did not live up to my expectations. Truth is, there are usually a handful of products that I try each season that end up not impressing me at all. I try to focus on the positive of every situation, but I think this might be a fun post to do every now and then. For this first roundup, I've got 5 products that definitely let me down.

A Summer Bathroom Refresh

Summer is a very busy season in my household. What with family get-togethers and summer holidays, it seems like people are constantly streaming in and out of our house. One room that ends up getting a lot of traffic is the bathroom, which tends to feel a bit dingy and unorganized since it's not usually a main focal point of the house. This season, Target and Quilted Northern are teaming up to inspire people to do a mega summer refresh in their bathrooms, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to work with them to turn my bathroom into a farmhouse-inspired retreat!

How I Finally Ended My Dry Skin Struggles

I've struggled with dry skin for most of my adult life. While I've been able to find moisturizers to keep my face hydrated, my body has been a whole other story. I can't tell you how many body lotions I've tried that either left my skin feeling greasy, took forever to soak in, or only worked for an hour before needing to be reapplied. I'm also rather picky with lotions due to where I live - Missouri has some pretty humid summers, and while I'd like to be able to flaunt super soft limbs, there's no way I'm sacrificing comfort for a moisturizer that leaves my skin feeling clammy and moist (ew!). Luckily, I've discovered a new holy grail product that finally (finally!) fixes the issues I've had with body lotions in the past.

6 High End Makeup Brands That Never Disappoint

While I'll forever be a fan of drugstore makeup, there's just something about higher end brands that will always have my heart. They're so much more likely to deliver on their claims, their packaging is always incredible, and the quality of the makeup itself can rarely be beat. After going through a major makeup de-stash before moving, I realized that there were certain high end brands that I've developed quite a bond with. It can be rare to find brands like these that continuously hold up to the hype, but here are 6 that have never disappointed me.

BeautyMandy Ferrugia
Photography Tips For When You Don't Have A Lot Of Natural Light

One of the things I knew I'd be losing by moving back home was my excessive amount of natural light. Having an office with a huge East-facing window definitely spoiled me, and I've had to readjust my entire photography setup to compensate for a smaller window mostly shaded by trees. The challenge has been fun to navigate though. I've been able to improve my photography skills, as well as invest in some new equipment and learn new lighting techniques. Today, I thought I'd share some of the things I've learned to hopefully help any of you also struggling with dull lighting as well.

Summer Makeup Edit

With summer right around the corner, I've started reorganizing my Muji makeup drawers and pulling forward my favorite makeup bits for the warmer months. I also have some new products that I'm testing out, so this is almost an entirely new roundup from the one for spring. Summer makeup is always a little tricky because I want products that are light and colorful yet won't melt off when I step outside my house. This usually requires a lot of trial and error, but I've finally put together a fantastic makeup edit of products perfect for the season.

The 3 Crucial Changes I Made That Exploded My Pinterest Following (And Why Every Blogger Should Make Them Too)

Let me cut straight to the point of this entire post - if you're a blogger and you're not using Pinterest to grow your blog, you should be. Pinterest is a huge social platform and it can be extremely easy to get your content seen by a vast audience. For the past year, Pinterest has been the second top referral for my blog (only beaten by Google, which is understandable). When I noticed this, I decided to pull my focus from Twitter, which was barely showing any positive results, and spend that time putting even more work into Pinterest. The results have been incredible (my Pinterest account receives almost 1 million views a month), and here are the 3 changes I've made that have created the biggest impact.

Healthy Nighttime Habits For Better Sleep

A great night of sleep is one of my favorite things in the entire world, but it can be so hard to attain on a regular basis. There are so many things that can keep us from getting the sleep we need, from stress and anxiety to unhealthy habits and digital distractions (I'm looking at you, email notifications). Getting a proper night's sleep is super important though, and it's something that we should all make a priority. I've found that making some small changes to my nightly routine has helped create healthier habits that promote better sleep.

4 Tips For Feeling More Confident In Makeup

Makeup can be a pretty intimidating thing for some people, myself included. If you browse through online makeup trends and techniques, it can feel really overwhelming to not only learn how to do everything, but to be able to pull off each look as well. The cool thing about makeup though, is that you can use it however you want. Whether you like to rock a full face of bold makeup or just a hint of product to help enhance your natural features, the important thing is that you always feel confident with what you're doing.

Glossier - Worth The Hype?

You know those beauty brands that you see on nearly every blog, and their items have peppered your wish list for ages. Well, Glossier is one of those brands for me. I've seen their products on all of my favorite beauty blogs (as well as all over Instagram), and my desire to try them finally got the best of me. I ordered a little bundle of goodies and have been using them for the past week, and I thought I'd share my thoughts and first impressions of the brand.