5 Places To Shop For Cute Plus Size Clothing

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rewind to a couple of years ago and it would've been damn near impossible to find any plus size clothing options that didn't look like something your grandma would wear (no offense to any grandmas reading this). It was tough putting together outfits that made you feel pretty and confident - a lot of creativity and resourcefulness was required.

Thankfully, the plus size community is finally being recognized in the fashion world, and more and more stores are stocking decent XL-4X clothing options. Today I wanted to share my 5 favorite places to shop for cute, flattering plus size clothing.

1. Modcloth I'm sure by now everyone reading this has at least heard of, if not purchased from, this indie fashion company. Modcloth specializes in retro-inspired and unique clothing, as well as a fantastic plus size selection including tops, jeans, dresses, bathing suits, and intimates. This is my favorite place to shop for cute dresses with quirky prints.

2. Wet Seal I love shopping at Wet Seal for trendy pieces to add to my wardrobe. Their clothing is very true to size and I love that they're constantly having sales - I once got in on a 70% off all sale items and was getting tops and dresses for $5-$7! The only bummer is that they don't offer their plus size clothing in our local store, so I always have to shop online...but I don't mind that much. ;)

3. Forever 21 I know that Forever 21 tends to get a bad rap for having "fast fashion" that doesn't tend to last long, but I honestly love their clothing. I've been shopping with them for the past couple years and everything I've purchased has held up fine and is still in style. The F21 in our mall recently underwent a huge reconstruction and now offers the most amazing plus size section (just imagine racks and racks of clothing that can actually be tried on before buying...bliss!). Plus, their prices are really good and I can always buy a few new items without breaking the bank.

4. Target I love Target! It's definitely my favorite store to go to for everything - clothes, books, makeup, gifts, etc. Sadly, our local store's plus size section is kind of lacking in variety, but if you visit their website they have a pretty big selection to look through.

5. Old Navy Old Navy has my favorite selection of plus size jeans. Their Rockstar Skinny Jeans are fantastic and fit everywhere they should, flattering my badonk instead of making it look bigger than it already is. ^_^ I also really like their selection of cardigans in the fall and sundresses in the summer.

I really hope this is helpful for all of you curvy gals out there! I'd love to know what your favorite clothing shops are!
xoxo Mandy

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  1. I'm a size twelve and I loooove Asos! Their clothing is so cute and flattering, but they have all sizes! They do free shipping and free returns as well, which is just awesome!

  2. Target is my absolute go-to but I really love all of these places you've mentioned!


  3. Great picks :) I wish we had all these shops in the UK!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥